Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home is Love

"Love is essential to the decoration of a house... A room must say, 'My love is here,' or 'My love has just left,' or 'I'm waiting for my love to arrive.'" Madeleine Castaing, House Beautiful May 2010

There is nothing in a home that embodies love more than furniture that is hand-crafted and hand-made. Jason and I absolutelylove to spend Sunday afternoons strolling through the Chattanooga Market. Here, local farmers and artisans display their treasures and we normally leave with armfuls of fresh peaches, squash, tomato basil sauce, goat cheese and herbs. And sometimes hand-stamped stationary or a small watercolor of downtown Chattanooga. However, one Sunday in June we discovered a vendor named Kountry Kupboards. This husband and wife team, Ron and Cheryl, make stunning shabby chic-style furnishings in any color or style you can dream.

Forever renovating our first home, Jason and I have major storage needs in our small Williamsburg-style kitchen. I explained our need to Cheryl, and she showed us a picture of a fabulous kitchen pantry she created for her own space. We tweaked the measurements, and I sent her my favorite vintage aqua jewelry box to match the color. And weeks later I sent her beautiful hand-painted knobs I found at Anthropologie during a business trip to New York (fyi...Anthropologie has the best hardware.) The 8 weeks flew by, and my amazing custom kitchen pantry is complete! We picked it up at the market today and are thrilled with the final result. Not only is our storage need solved, the inviting color and shabby chic style add a really inviting vibe to our kitchen.

Ron and Cheryl could have cried when they saw us load the beautiful pantry on the truck. I gave Cheryl a hug. They said it was their baby, and I knew it was made with care and love. I want to encourage my readers to support local artisans and to appreciate the hardwork that goes into the treasures they create. Go to to look around.

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