Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You’re cordially invited….

There is nothing that makes me as excited as invitations. And something about the fall brings me all sorts of ideas and opportunities to throw a fiesta-pumpkin carving party, anyone?! I love the way a stationary store smells. I love picking up papers and holding them to the light. I love to daydream about all of the fabulous party opportunities that a stylish invitation can present. Some invitations just set the standard for a wonderful soirée. The creativity, the artwork, the inspiration, the font, the colors, the poems, the BOWS. Bliss!

As we all begin thinking about the start of the Holy Season (ie Football) and all of the other social opportunities that autumn can bring, I’ve chosen just a few fabulous invitations to get your creative juices flowing. The invitations are from one of my favorite stationary go-to sites, minted.com. This unique web site offers up high-quality invitations and announcement choices that showcase the work of local artists and graphic designers. Now, we’ll talk about actually pulling the party together in other posts.

Happy stationary daydreaming, friends!

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  1. Love this one Mollie! I love Paper just as you do....:)