Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm back to blogging!

Hello long lost blog friends! I cannot believe that I haven’t blogged since 2010. Yes, four long years! It’s amazing to think through all of the major life milestones—both wonderful and challenging— that have occurred over those four years. I’ll hit the highlights quickly to bring you up to speed on those milestones: my beautiful daughter’s birth, my Dad’s cancerous tumor diagnosis, my Mom’s breast cancer diagnosis, my 30th birthday and the quarter-life crisis that followed, beginning a brand new job, celebrating 5 years of marriage, my Nana suffering from a major stroke and, most recently, a miscarriage that broke my heart into a million pieces. Oh, and our beloved pug Mr. McDougles was diagnosed with cancer. And we moved to a new home in a new town. If that list isn’t enough to make you want to fall on your knees and/or mix an extremely strong vodka tonic (sans tonic, double vodka) I don’t know what is! Over the past four years, God has taken me to and, ultimately, through places of terrible heartache, fear, confusion and questioning.

However, somehow, I am still here. In one piece. With ten fingers and ten toes still painted OPI “Pinking of You”, wearing way too many bracelets and a heart as big as Texas full of love for Him, my family and my friends.  This may sound strange to some people, but I believe the past four years were a gift. One of those annoying gifts with too much wrapping paper, too much tape and lots of tiny boxes wrapped inside bigger boxes.  However, upon opening each box, I’ve learned something deeper about peace, strength, humility, friendship, commitment and love. Oh, the love.

While my blog used to mainly focus on interior design, and- don’t worry, we will get back there- I first want to start by sharing with y’all about each of these life journeys one by one. I will end with a post on our big move and THEN we’ll get busy with the before and after projects as Jason and I transform our dream home one step at a time.

Our new home represents so much to our little family. It is a place we have dreamed of and will dream in. It is filled with the sound of two little feet and eight little paws running down the hardwoods in the hallway with the urgency of pure delight. It represents our investment in our family and our future as the “Little Surratts”. It represents the fact that we have made it through some dark days, but we have hope that God brings light. Our new home is filled with light. And the laughter and squeals of our Caroline.

I’m looking forward to spending time with you once again… Xo

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  1. So glad you're blogging again and using your beautiful voice! ;)