Monday, April 7, 2014

New Beginnings: Our "Eggstravaganza" Housewarming Party

Hi friends! Now that our Easter-themed housewarming party is over, I can finally take a deep breath. Prior to the party, I had a monster project spreadsheet complete with contact names, statuses, budgets and notes. The spreadsheet kept us on schedule and most of our house projects were complete by the day of the party—if you don’t count the designer powder room wallpaper that was installed upside down and a few other snafus that were panic-inducing for a crazy person like me. None of it mattered when I saw new friends and old friends laughing together in our new home, and my Caroline running around giggling hand-in-hand with her friend, Brooklyn, from her new daycare.  Sweet memories were made and our house is officially a home!

I’m a busy working mom, so it was important to me to create an event that was beautiful but simple. We decided to do an Easter “Eggstravaganza” because having a seasonal theme gave some direction for food and d├ęcor. An Easter Egg Hunt was an affordable and fun activity for all of the kiddos, and I already owned a lot of festive Easter decorations.

Here are the Party Invitation compliments of Etsy. I opted to have them printed at a local shop to save time and money.

Next, I developed an easy menu with many items available for order at local shops. Feel free to be inspired by my menu names for your upcoming Easter event!

“Bunny Trail Mix”
Mixed nuts with Easter-colored M&Ms

“Cottontail Cookies”
Thumbprint Cookies in Easter Colors

“Baby Bird’s Nest Cakes”
Petit Fores with Easter Grass and Jellybean Accents

“Hippity Hoppity Ham Biscuits”
Mini Ham Biscuits

“Lil’ Chickity Cups”
Little fillo cups filled with Chicken Salad

“Peter Rabbit Punch”
Simply Lemonade 

To achieve the look of having more food items on the table, and to reduce time spent refilling platters, I set out multiple platters of the same food items. It was a great light afternoon menu, and we had just enough food for our approx. 50 guests.

It was important to me to enjoy the party and not spend my time fussing over food and photos like I usually do, so I hired a sweet friend to be in charge of refilling food and drinks, cleaning up used plates and washing dishes at the end of the party. Additionally, I hired a photographer to snap photos during the event. While I realize both of these services are a luxury and investment, it truly allowed me to speak to each guest and have fun!

No event is complete without a stunning table to set the tone. I wanted the party to feel casual, so I purchased 5-yards of Burlap from Hobby Lobby to cover my dining room table. I tied the edges with a fun polka-dot burlap ribbon, which I also used in wreaths for my front door. My friend Tami from the adorable shop 365 on Piedmont in Calhoun created a stunning centerpiece from spring flowers and Easter eggs—it was the perfect combination of rustic chic and spring cheerfulness! To give a nod to all things southern, I used my antique silver platters to serve the food.

To watching the delighted children run and squeal in our yard as they gathered eggs, to seeing their faces when the Easter bunny (my sweet father-in-law) “hopped” out of the house, to meeting our wonderful new neighbors as we begin the next chapter of our journey, it was a perfect Saturday—and we’re feeling pretty blessed around here. Happy Easter!

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