Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Letter to My Daughter on Her 3rd Birthday...

Dear Caroline,

I will never forget the day you made me a mother. You came into this world so quickly, with the same enthusiasm and purpose that makes you so unique and so much fun. You were so very tiny and yet so determined. I held you first. The world faded away as I kissed my firstborn daughter through laughter and tears. You are a miracle.

The love I feel for you is overwhelming. I worry about every step you take. I worry about you every moment of everyday. You are God’s most precious gift, and I yearn to protect you from this world. However, I watch you grow and discover. You’re mischievous and curious. You’re my free spirit and independent thinker.

Your Daddy is your hero, and you are his whole world. You two look so much alike, and you love to follow him wherever he goes. In the evening, when it is time to love and cuddle, you want your Mommy. You look to me for pink nails, jewelry, make up, oversized high heel shoes and way too many kisses. You love to wipe off my kisses and giggle in delight!

Watching you learn is my life’s greatest joy. You’re so smart and absorb everything around you so quickly. I will work hard to preserve your self-esteem and confidence. Please always remember that you can do anything you want to do.  You can change the world, Caroline. Never forget the power you hold in your heart and in your mind.

Everyday I have with you and your Daddy is the best day of my life. From releasing butterflies at your 1st birthday party, to drawing the Minnie Mouse nose on you at your 2nd birthday party, to planning every detail of your Little Mermaid 3rd birthday party, your life is worth celebrating.  You are so special, and my love for you is unending.

There will be days in your teenage years that you hate me. There will be days that you push me away or you feel that no one understands. There will be days that you don’t comprehend why I say “no”.  You are my angel, and everything I do is out of love and protection.

But, today, we celebrate your third birthday. Our world is filling with tumbling classes, little ballet and tap shoes, preschool supplies and Barbie’s. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You have made our lives complete and taught me so much about realizing the simple and pure joy in each day.

There are no words to fully describe my love for you. You are my perfect angel, even on days when life isn’t perfect.

I love you, Caroline! Happy 3rd Birthday!

As part of Caroline's birthday gift, I had this letter written out in calligraphy and framed for her bedroom. I used the talented Ricciolina Calligraphy for this project. Here are some photos of the letter. It is beautiful and such a special keepsake! 


  1. What a wonderful idea. You should continue to do this for every one of her birthdays! Happy 3rd birthday, sweet Caroline! (Did you know there's a song about you? It's sung by Neil Diamond!)

    Carolyn M., Estero, FL

  2. That is so amazing! My daughter is 24 and is moving from Colorado, where we currently live, to Florida. This has motivated me to write something similar for her. Thank you!