Friday, May 1, 2015

Mom 2.0 Blogger Summit: My Top 5 Favorite Brands

“Mommy, are you at a hotel AGAIN?!” Caroline is ready for Mommy to get home, and I’m extra ready to be back snuggling with my girls. However, April has been an incredible month- both full of business trips and full of inspiration.

This week, PR Manager Sarah Tuck and I have been discovering gorgeous Scottsdale, AZ and enjoying the amazing summer-like weather. I’m currently wrapping up my time representing our company, Mohawk Flooring, at the Mom 2.0 Blogger Summit. To say I’m inspired by the summit is an understatement. I’ve met so many incredible, entrepreneurial moms who are raising families while amplifying their individual voices in the digital space. They’re making their own schedules, building relationships with America’s leading brands and, most of all, paving their way with content that makes other people’s lives richer.

I absolutely love experiencing what other brands are doing to engage with moms. Here’s a list of some news products and campaigns that stood out at the Summit:

In recent years, Lego has been working to amp up their brand presence, particularly with the Duplo brand for kiddos between 2-5 years old. I love giving these affordable sets as birthday gifts to Caroline’s friends. I’ve posted a picture of an adorable new Frozen castle set for ages 6-12. I can totally see Daddy and Caroline putting this together on a Saturday morning. Let it Go, Lego! 

Homemade baby food. The idea of it sounds so rewarding, wholesome, exciting. But, in reality, I don’t have time to make homemade baby food everyday or even every week. Beech Nut has a solution!  They’re offering up baby food that is all natural, organic and homemade. The colors are so vibrant and fresh. And the ingredients in the jar of carrots? ONLY organic carrots. Beech Nut has a new customer in me, and I can’t wait to find this great baby food at Publix for my Charli.

Caroline is very picky about her vitamins. And I’m very picky about the vitamins I give her. She prefers a tart taste. And I prefer to give her vitamins that contain tons of nutrients and that are all natural. SmartyPants are sold at Whole Foods, and I also found them on Amazon. Your kids can still only eat chicken fingers and still receive awesome vitamins!

Out of all of the mom campaigns I encountered, Similac’s message resonated with me the most. Many of us have seen their new Sisterhood of Motherhood video. Click here to check it out if you haven’t seen it- and grab a tissue. It’s SUCH a powerful message. Both of my girls were/are Similac babies, and I’ve always been more than pleased with the quality of their formula. But their new campaign hits home on a deeper level and has inspired me to write another blog post on the subject later. Mom’s, let’s STOP judging each other. We’re a sisterhood.

Our #winetime Mohawk Flooring booth was a huge hit this week. All Mom’s use the expression “I need a glass of wine!” to signify that they need a break or need to have some fun. We ran with this theme and encouraged the bloggers to share their biggest challenge in keeping their houses clean and take a fun photo with our giant wine glasses! At the heart of our booth, we shared the stain and soil resistance story of our SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet with built-in stain and soil protection. The PERFECT carpet for busy families with kids and pets!

There were so many more big brands at the summit this week. Dove hosted a Beauty Lounge and encouraged bloggers to share their #beautystory of love and acceptance while enjoying makeovers, massages and skin consultations. I’m heading there now to the “curl bar”!

Have a great weekend friends!