Saturday, July 4, 2015

Goodbye, 804.

Around my pre-teen years, my grandparents made the decision to invest in a beautiful little condo at Panama City Beach. I’ve grown up coming to this condo and within these walls are many of the best moments of my life. However, nothing is more special than the balcony. On the 8th floor balcony, you literally feel as though you’re sitting on top of the ocean. The smell of salty air is thick and, if you listen carefully, you can hear as each special wave gently laps the sandy shoreline. In summary, it’s pure bliss. Heaven on earth.

On this balcony… Oh, this balcony. A lifetime of memories. It’s hard to even put it into words. On this balcony, I’ve giggled with my best friends over Ms. Newby’s hunch punch. I’ve cried. I’ve prayed. I’ve dreamed. I’ve wondered. I’ve argued. I’ve contemplated. I’ve smoked cigarettes (sorry, Mom). And, eventually, I grew up. Jason and I slept on the balcony underneath the stars. We talked about our hopes and dreams for our future. The balcony saw my marriage piece together. Held the steps of my firstborn as she stared out at the Gulf for the first time. And, now, it’s my last time sitting on this balcony. Just me and my 6-month old second born, Charlotte. Just a year prior the balcony held my fears as I was cautiously expecting this little girl following a miscarriage.

Oh, this balcony. The sound of these waves. I’ve left my heart here year-after-year for the waves to swallow and carry onward.

I say goodbye to unit 804 as our family prepares to occupy a larger condo on the beach to fit our growing family. It’s a new adventure full of bunk beds for little ones and larger dining spaces for family dinners. A perfect turn of the page for our next chapter of life.

Goodbye balcony, 804. And… thank you.

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